Spring Festival Gala 2018

Spring Festival Gala 2018

Presented by: Canada China Culture and Art Association
Centrepointe Theatre
Sunday,  February 25, 2018 at 7:30 p.m.

Spring Festival Gala 2018 Ottawa is a grand variety show presented by top Chinese and local art performers including dancers, vocalists, instrument players, Beijing opera player and magic.

Tang Shiyi, first class national performer and leading actor, and Hu Yang, leading male dancer from China National Opera & Dance Drama Theater will present to the audience their superb dancing skills with elegance and grace. Coming from the same Theater, Li Yuer, a solo singer who is acclaimed for her tsunami like voice, will bring to the audience an incredible experience of voice.

Qun Zhao, top-ranked national artist of Beijing Opera, will present the performance of Dan character of authentic Zhang's School. Zhang Qi, known as the Queen of Changing Face, will perform unique changing face show. Zhang Qi and Liu Jie will also bring magic in the show. Huang Yang, an Er-hu player, will perform part of the famous dance drama Moonlight on the Spring. Xu Zuli, a well-known soprano will bring with her Habanera of Carmen Arias.

There will also be dancers, vocalists, instrument players and traditional Chinese art performers from Huaxing Toronto and Ottawa performing together.


Genre: Music, Variety, Musical/Theatre, Special Event
Language: English/Chinese
Tickets: $29 - $99

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February 25 at 7:30 pm