CBC’s The Debaters</br> Sold Out!

CBC’s The Debaters
Sold Out!

Presented by: Centrepointe Theatres
Centrepointe Theatre
February 11 - 12, 2014

Now in its seventh season on CBC Radio One, The Debaters is the hit show where comics go toe to toe in a battle of laughs and logic.  Hosted by international headliner and Canada’s Best Male Standup of 2011, Steve Patterson, The Debaters is a combustible mix of sharply crafted comedic rants and hilarious adlibs.  The engaging format is part stand-up, part quiz show and part comedy competition with the live audience picking the winners. 

This event will be taped for radio.



CBC has just announced the topics and performers for both shows.  Check out who’s on the list.

Tuesday, February 11

Bribery – is it such a bad thing?
Montrealer Franco Taddeo thinks kick-backs kick butt. Fellow Quebecer Derek Seguin doesn’t like the vibe of the bribe.

Old Age - is it better to be in a facility or with family?
Deb Kimmett says, “There’s no place like Old Folks Home.”  Kate Davis is moving in with her kids.

Hot cereal or cold cereal – which is superior?
Pat Thornton says, “Oatmeal is an oaf’s meal!” DeAnne Smith thinks cold cereal is for flakes.

Nations – does the world have too many?
Al Rae says, “The more borders the better.”  Don Kelly thinks so many nations are an abomination.

Kids today – are they smarter than we were?
Scott Faulconbridge says, “Youth know the truth!” Nathan Macintosh thinks their brains have been drained.

Rain or Snow – which is preferable?
David Pryde says, “No!” to snow.  Ron Sparks thinks rain’s inane

Wednesday, February 12

The Senate – abolish or reform?
Alan Park says, “Demolish the tortuous chamber.” Charlie Demers says, “Renovate the Upper House.”

The Gym – should everybody go?
Body builder Aaron Berg says, “Don’t wait to get the weights.” Jean Paul says, “Throw in the towel!”

Break-ups – is it better to get dumped or be dumped?
Rebecca Kohler says, “Don’t be the dumpee!”  Phil Hanley thinks it’s dumber to be the dumper.

The Bomb – should Canada have it?
Terry McGurrin says, “We need the A bomb, eh!” K Trevor Wilson  says, “We’re Canucks not Can-nukes.”

eBooks or Paper Books – which are top shelf?
Patrick Ledwell says, “Paper is passé.”  Diana Frances thinks Kindle should be kindling.

William Shatner – the greatest actor of all time?
Sean Cullen says, “Bill’s acting is Kirk-tastic!”  Eric Peterson thinks Shatner’s talent isn’t out of this world.

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Genre: Comedy
Language: English
Tickets: $38.25 / $43.25

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February 11 at 7:30 pm
February 12 at 7:30 pm